Believe it or not, cars have become a regular addition to Canadians. Whether personal or commercial, we cannot deny how much cars have made life easier for everybody. Like any other automotive, however, cars require regular maintenance – something that requires extensive cash that you’ll probably not have at the time of need. Car repair loans save you the headache!
According to Statistics Canada, prices for motor vehicle parts increased by 6.8% in 2022, translating to 3.5 billion spent by Canadian households on auto repairs. The trend hasn’t changed much, and car owners are already overwhelmed by the rising costs. To be honest, such costs can prove even more strenuous if you have bad credit and need funding quickly.
Bad credit, no credit, or even when bankrupt, worry not. Cash Loans Canada is here to help you easily complete your repairs and maintenance. Keep it here to discover how our auto repair loans for bad credit will get you back on the road in a record time.

How Do Car Repair Loans Work?

Auto repair loans in Canada are financial solutions that provide individuals with poor credit access to much-needed funds to repair their vehicles. Unlike those provided by traditional lenders, our car repair financing with no credit check in Canada is meant for any vehicle.
The process only requires placing an asset as collateral. There’s also an option for an unsecured loan. The disbursed amount depends on what you feel will cater to your car repair needs. Ready for emergency car repair loans wherever you are in Canada – commence the process with a simple application here on our website.

Are Auto Repair Loans Really a Better Option?

When faced with car issues, you may wonder whether paying for repairs using a credit card or negotiating with the auto repair shop near you may be easier than getting an online auto repair loan. Cash loans have many advantages over most disposable options you’ll be tempted to choose.
Here’s what we mean:

  • Offer more competitive rates than credit cards.
  • Have more flexible terms of payment.
  • They can help you grow your credit score.
  • You have control over the amount you take and use for maintenance.

Get a Car Repair Loan with Simple Steps!

It’s easy from start to finish – we don’t take you rounds or waste your time. Everything is straightforward. We understand that certain financial decisions may have impacted your credit score negatively, and this shouldn’t prevent you from accessing funds when you urgently need them to repair your car.
All it takes is these simple steps:

Filling the Application Form Online

The form will require you to give personal information like your identification, telephone number, email address, place of residence, and the amount you intend to borrow. The basic information is to help our staff get to know you better and start your process.

Verification of Your Details

For secured loans, we’ll require you to prove that your asset is fully paid for and under your name. In case of any questions, our staff will reach out. We will release the cash if you’re eligible for the amount you applied for.

Get Approval

Expect approval from Cash Loans Canada in 24 hours. Once your loan application is approved, the money will be deposited directly into your account. You can now have your car fixed!

Get Back on the Road with Auto Repair Loans Canada

Don’t give up because your bank can’t give you a car repair loan with bad credit. Alternative online lenders like Cash Loans Canada understand that it’s a time like this when you need financial support the most. Apply today for the best fix now to pay later auto repair loans.