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CASH LOANS CANADA INC is the leading provider in Car Title Loans. We provide Car Title Loans to consumers across Canada with good credit, no credit and bad credit.

What are car title loans?

A car title loan is a secured loan where a vehicle is used as collateral. Borrowers who get a car title loan authorize the lender to place a lien on their vehicle until the loan is paid in full. The vehicle remains in the owner’s name and possession throughout the loan term.

Car Title Loans are generally short term loans that tend to have higher interest rates than the average loan. Car Title Loan Lenders approve loans based on the vehicle value versus the borrower’s credit history and employment. Understandably, loans of this type are a first choice for bad credit consumers. Due to the risk involved, car title loan lenders generally have a higher interest rate than the average lender.

Car Title loans can be acquired fairly quickly making it a prime option for people in need of extra cash.

How to apply for a car title loan?

It’s simple!

  • Submit an online application for your car title loan.
  • Submit the required documents by e-mail or fax.
  • Get the funds wired directly into your account.
  • Apply for your car title loan today and get the funds you need as quick as tomorrow!