Congratulations on making an effort to own land in Canada. Some prefer to buy an already existing property for occupation or business. However, some level of satisfaction comes with purchasing bare land. You get a clear picture of the space and plan everything you wish from scratch.

But do you know that banks and credit unions will make you believe buying land through loan financing is challenging and even impossible when you have bad credit? At Cash Loans Canada, we understand how complicated this process can be, especially for those who are bankrupt or have poor credit. Here’s some good news: With us, your credit status shouldn’t come in the way of getting a land loan.

What is Land Financing?

Land financing, or a lot loan, is a financial assistance designed to help you purchase vacant land for commercial or residential purposes. It’s an alternative path to property ownership for those who don’t want to buy a ready-to-move-in space. Traditional lenders consider such loans risky as there is no existing property to serve as collateral. Do not worry; we consider your assets as security when applying for our Canada land loan.

Should You Consider a Land Loan in Canada?

Definitely yes!

Land financing allows you to be creative and move at your own pace. You’ll not worry about bad credit, either. At Cash Loans Canada, we will sort you out. That’s what we’ve been doing since 2005 – giving affordable land loans for bad credit. We have the perfect land loans for those who value flexibility in choosing a preferred land location and a loan tailored to your taste.

What Types of Land Loans for Bad Credit Are Available?

There are three types of loans that you can go for. The most common type is the raw land loans. These loans apply to those who want land without infrastructure, such as roads, electricity, and sewers. Most often, such plots of land are for speculation.

Ready to exploit more loan options? Here we go!

Unimproved Land Loans

These loans best suit pieces of land that showcase partial improvement but still lack significant infrastructure. Some of the upgrades include having vegetation cover cleared or the area leveled. Such improvement features will vary from one land to another.

Ready to Build Land Loans

They are also known as improved land loans. These loans are ideal for individuals who want land with visible infrastructure. More so, when a client wants to start construction immediately on a space just ready to host more structures – this loan category has been getting preference a lot over the years.

What are the Benefits of a Land Loan?

The most straightforward answer is the loan saves you money: It’s much cheaper to purchase land only than buying land with a ready-to-move-in house. More so, you don’t need a credit check for any land loan with us. We consider the value of your assets rather than your credit score.

More advantages of our 24-hour cash loans for lands include:

  1. Land loans allow you to choose whatever to do with the space, whether for residential or commercial purposes.
  2. Land loans give you more time to plan how you’d like to construct your space to your tastes.

Get 24-hour Cash Loans for Land Financing Now!

You no longer have to avoid a land loan in Canada – even more so when you have poor credit. Cash Loans Canada offers land loans for bad credit at competitive rates and custom payment terms. Apply here today for quick and reliable land financing.